Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A post with some substance :)

It's about Boysenberries :)
Earlier in the week I posted these two pics at the Down to Earth Forum.
I am feeling pretty happy with myself as last summer I was precariously reaching in between roses to pick any of a few berries being offered. 

Then a couple of months back I guess I decided to take some of the randomly placed vigorously growing canes and weave them in this trellis. it was against what I was reading in regards to how to trellis a boysenberry but I was just working with what I had which was a berry planted by someone else re rooted in various places and frankly pretty wild. I didn't really have anything to loose.

My friend Narelle asked to see more of how I had it supported so I'm just recording it all here. I had a thought this morning in regard to some Banksias that I suspect are dead, which was that I would have photographed the flowers last summer but not recorded where or on which shrub they appeared and and there is value in doing this part of the recording too, not just the images. 

Ok so here is the trellis which I took the earlier picture of from the right hand side.

This trellis screens off a section of the tanks. The berry is rooted all along the front of it and around the corner to the left. A few random plants in the grass area to the right also. The Big blue X marks the corner post and the red x marks the tank overflow pipe. this is one of the secondary or overflow tanks. I have not watered or tended these at all but to weave existing canes through the trellis and I did tie with cut pantihose in a few places. Its is over hung by a very mis-shaped Nectarine tree and interspersed with a rose or two.
Here is a more encompassing view.

I can't get between the lattice and the tank without some injury but from the open end on the right I can see the berries ripening on the back of the trellis, this is not obvious from front on. When I know where they are I can reach through the gaps to pick so I'm not loosing any !! Something to consider when thinking about space.

The following image is from around the corner to the left of the previous ones.

You can see some berries ripening on the archway to the left of this image and they are popping up amongst the roses and weeds through this section not trellised or tamed in any way, this is a section I haven't tackled at all. As is the case with a lot of this garden !

I'll be sharing some more berry thoughts during the week. Mulberries and Strawberries and maybe Blackberries :)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

So Pretty

I feel I really should know what this is but just can't recollect, we have three colours a white one and a pale-ish pink one this dark pink is the biggest and has flowered slightly later than the other two.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Red Rose

There is such a lovely collection of Roses here, I don't think I even identified this as a rose prior to it flowering  its not the type of rose I am familiar with but There are a lot of these in various colours and sizes and I love them all.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Friday, 11 November 2011

Purple roses

This is one of the purple roses in our garden. This one is a standard and has a clematis climbing it and twining up through its top. The weeping red you see in the background is one of my favourite standard roses in this garden.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Friday, 4 November 2011


And after this there will be two more. I haven't taken a pic of the orange ones yet and there is one showing a hint of yellow yet to actually open.

with a dusty plum edge.

Palest Parchment/Peach

Hard to capture a pinkish with deep dark purple
This one is a stunner!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Simply stunning with more to come :)
Some with dark tails some with pale light ones :)