Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A new favourite

As more and more bulbs open I am coming to realise there are more varieties of Daffodils than I could have imagined some look similar but have subtle differences in the trumpets or size. It seems every couple of days I have a new favourite.

This is my current favourite and his photo does not do it justice. The petals are cream its a mid size flower head, its a very feminine, pretty and delicate colour combo.

I still have lots more daffodils but as there is so much happening in the garden right now I am going back to daily posts and will mix it up a bit to relieve the boredom for you lovely readers :)

There is action in the potting shed now too :)


  1. I love your photos! This daffodil is just gorgeous. So jealous of your garden - mine is a dirt farm at the moment after recent renos.

  2. I love this daffodil...it's so delicate....love the cream.....I want one now..lol