Friday, 20 January 2012

Rose hips

This is one of the more unusual and beautiful Hips in the garden, it appears on one of the 'old fashioned' roses. That is how I refer to them. Someone told me they were English roses but I also seem to think they might be what My Mum called wild roses.

I didn't notice the shiny little iridescent bug until after I uploaded the photos.

Here is one open.

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  1. Hey Tammy, with all those different varieties of rosehips popping up in your garden now, you should have a go at making rosehip jelly.

    Oh and that lovely irridescent looking bug...looks like a stink bug to me...I had a lady tell me just yesterday that when she pulls them off her citrus tree and gives them to the chooks, they shut their eyes when they peck at the stinkbugs spray a horribly nasty spray at you if threatened....Clever chooks, I say.