Monday, 11 June 2012

Fish in frozen Ponds

On frozen mornings I am sometimes able to see glimpses of the larger fish who sit on the bottom and hide themselves in the plant life down below the layer of ice, waiting for the sun to work its magic.

In the second pond the plants sit in suspended animation poking through a sheet of ice, the top section thawing and showing gem like dew drops hanging from them.

While the bulk of the plant sits serenely below the surface viewed as if behind glass, untouchable and still.

There is so much wonder in a frosty morning if you can brave the chill for a little while. x


  1. Oh..I just love these photos....I can only dream of such quality in my own.
    Well done Tammy.

  2. Amazing what you find Tammy - I love these frozen moments.

  3. Wow what lovely photo's, I wish my photo's looked so good. It's amazing how beautiful nature is, it takes your breath away sometimes