Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Autumn !

Of all the seasons I can not deny that Autumn has my heart unlike any other.
Here are the ways I see Autumn with its promise of riotous colour, Crisp mornings and other untold delights creeping into my garden.

The seeds up near the top of the maple tuning pink! Till now fresh bright green.

Hundreds of Camellia buds!

The rose hips turning glorious rich colours.

Mandarin's swelling

The First leaves on this crab Apple starting to change.

The seed pods on this camellia beginning to look like a poison apple from Sleeping Beauty!
So very deep and shiny red.


I had not noticed the blue on this previously somewhat sad and unspectacular looking tree.

What I assume ( and hope )  to be the beginning of Magnolia Flowers!
and of course the fire wood.

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  1. Looking forward to watching autumn through your garden this year...still the season I miss the most!!