Thursday, 24 March 2011

The public Baths

Thats what it feels like around here sometimes :)
Actually its entirely how I am working to set it up.

We have been here a few months now and over this time I have observed different birds bathe in different ways and also prefer different depths of water.

Here is the current line up.
The bowl that you see the Rosella drinking from is not typically a Rosella haunt but he was nervous and judged this a safer bet for drinking. This is actually the bath for the Magpie Larks or Pee wees they splash so much! They don't mind if its here or on the ground.

The black bird's who are primarily forager's prefer the shallow long dish in the middle. I have just moved it to this location. The bird bath is the preferred place for Rosellas, Red Wattle Birds and Wagtails. Also occasionally I'll catch a Miner or Currawong here.
The silver eyes have a dish hanging in the tree but they have mostly moved on now, we do still occasionally see a small group. 
I have not seen any bathe in the small bowl by the birdbath , its just extra drinking water when there is a crowd. I prefer to keep them all close for my personal ease of maintenance. 

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