Sunday, 24 July 2011


 Yesterday teased me with a taste of Spring. The Sun was shining and the Scent of Violets was on the fresh breeze The Sunny face of the first Crocus buoyed me as did the other bulb I spotted in flower. So many flower buds appearing on the bulbs now I can identify more easily which are jonquil and which are daffodil.

I knew this tree was under planted with Crocus but it was still a lovely surprise to see one in the Sun yesterday.

Today winter has returned with enthusiasm headed for a forecast top of 8 deg and an overnight low of -4.4


  1. gorgeous yellow flower. Happy and cheerful in the sunlight. A promise of what is to come :)

  2. A bright bit of colour bursting through.. lovely :D)

  3. Hi Back Tammy! Great to "meet" you. Are you linked to everydayeco in the ACT? (I think that should probably be all one word but my thumbs just go to the spacebar!!)I'm going to join the urban homesteaders' group so hope you do too! I LOVE your blogs
    Greenie x