Thursday, 15 September 2011

Coming soon ...

These two types of leaves are popping up in abundance now.
These largish tear-drop/heart shaped ones

And these pretty like oversized clover ones.


  1. Could the bottom picture be Aquilegia? Have you planted any?

  2. Top one is Honesty, will have pretty pink flowers then wonderful coin shaped seeds. Bottom looks like Aquilegia - Granny's Bonnets. Beautiful names for delightful flowers. Your garden has similar plants to mine at the moment. Looks like the cleavers are giving you curry too (that rotten sticky weed).

  3. Thanks Girls, Phoebe we moved in here in Jan so the contents of the garden are often a surprise. Kirsty yes honesty, the coin shaped seed pods were so beautiful and I featured them earlier in the year so that matches up and I'll keep my eye out for some Aquilegia's! Oh and that weed has been the bane of my life for years and I never knew what it was!! Thank you.