Yellow faced Honeyeaters and Silvereyes bathing June 2011

Rose Robin taking a bath May 1st 2011.

Rose Robin Drying off May 1st 2011.

For your listening pleasure Currawongs singing in the afternoon sun. April 2011

A little look at a swift Grey Fantail, poorly filmed. Apr 2011


  1. Tammy they were all lovely... thank you for telling me about your videos. The little rose robin is so sweet, and the first time I've seen it is on your blog. The background of Autumn colour in the second video is a lovely backdrop to rose robin's drying off.
    Actually, you did real well keeping up with the Grey Fantail - it looks a very busy little bird!
    Not forgetting the Currawongs too, they're always beaut to listen to.
    A good idea videoing :D)

  2. Thanks Tammy I love the video of the currawongs, have listened to it 3 times already and my son loves it too!