Sunday, 27 February 2011

For the Squirrels

The children were so happy to find the first Acorns on the ground, knowing that they are what Squirrels eat. They exclaimed so loudly, glad the squirrels would have plenty of food, obviously they were not as happy when I explained we do not have Squirrels in Australia. They still have lots of fun finding the Acorns with their little hats.  

As a side note, it would appear,  the Cockatoo's enjoy Acorns as food too.



  1. ...and when you take your goats for a walk along the creek, they love the acorns that the cockatoos have dropped on the ground. All you need now is a creek and some goats. LOL

  2. OMGosh! you have acorns???
    Is there anything that amazing garden doesn't have?!!