Thursday, 24 February 2011


I wonder what or who is in here?


  1. Hi Tammy...

    I don't often comment on blogs as I usually don't have much time on my hands with my 3 little boys but I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blogs! Especially this garden blog! You have an amazing garden! I'm a little jealous! We moved into our own home 1 year ago. It had been a rental for 5 years and no work done on the garden. After a year, I have a cottage garden growing with herbs all through it down one side of our home and I'm stating another cottage garden on the other. I have planted a lime and a lemon tree down the back and will be adding a passionfruit vine soon! How big is your yard? It seems like it goes on and on! What a wonderful place for children to explore! We have a decent size yard BUT my husband is a soccer fan so half the yard is a 'soccer field'! I plan to add more fruit trees but I'll have to see what grows best in our dry climate...(sorry for going on about my garden)

    Seeing all your roses has made me determined to buy some rose bushes too!

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous garden with me/us!

    Keep it up!


  2. That's a decent cocoon. I hope you catch a glimpse of the moth emerging when it's time. :)