Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Willie Wagtails

 As I pottered around watering on Saturday I noticed a Wagtail family cavorting and feeding a young-un on our lawn and in surrounding garden. Two of them quite quickly departed and I am assuming this distinguished looking fellow is the Dad. Up high Sunning himself with eyes shut enjoying it.

When they weren't on me of course . He eventually let me get quite close . . .

. . . and when I did he sang me a beautiful song.

Seeing him show off at close range in an unfamiliar way was perfect delight for me so I then departed and let him be.


  1. We have a family of Willy Wagtails that are here pretty much year round. They are just delightful, darting to catch the bugs around the compost bins at dusk, singing their lovely song - even at 3am!

  2. Oh yes they are famous for singing on brightly moonlit nights!