Thursday, 21 April 2011

Crimson Rosella

The Rosella's alerted me with their crunching. We are not seeing them too frequently these days.
This pair still not fully mature judging by the green still showing through in them.

Aren't these feathers just stunning!


  1. Autumn brings the King Parrots into my garden to eat the maple seeds. Nothing like a bit of birdie colour to brighten one's day!

  2. Oh Hazel I miss the Kings they don't come to this house though I was talking to the previous owner this week and he did comment that the 'parrots' love the maple seeds, so I hope we may see some yet

  3. Gorgeous Rosella pics. Those trees were just made for them to be photographed in ;-) I love their mixture of colours.
    I do hope the King Parrots visit you Tammy - they're delightfully friendly birds aren't they.