Saturday, 30 April 2011

Grey Fantail

 Maybe I should change the name of this blog to a new bird everyday as it certainly is the way it seems lately!

I was in the kitchen watching an eastern Spinebill feeding in the fuchsia when I noticed some aerial acrobatics going on to my right Hmm ... this is new I thought so grabbed the camera and Holy Moly these guys are fast!

It was magical to be standing under a tree where they were insect hunting the way they move and dart in the air is seriously like acrobatics! A couple of times I thought one was going to land on me it would fly right up and flutter right in front of me then a twist and a turn and dart away again.

I have taken a couple of short videos of birds lately but haven't spent the time to investigate loading them to the blog.

So here he is still and then he spots something and is about to dart off again.

 The Maple tree is stunning at the moment. A perfect backdrop.

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  1. I adore fantails and willy wagtails...they are such cheerful busy birds. If I was to come back as a bird I think that is what I would want to be...not flashy and colourful but enthusiastic about life.