Thursday, 5 May 2011

My least favourite birds.

I was itching to try to photograph a bird with the canon 400D 
but the only birds around were the Currawongs. They look mean. They steal things and eat baby birds of sweeter nature ( and that are prettier to look at )

As the afternoon rolled on I spotted some Magpies foraging at a distance where our Garden guy had been working they were a long way away so I'm impressed to have gotten such a clear picture. I have a real soft spot for Maggies. My Nan used to feed a family when I was a toddler and I remember it well. I love their song.


  1. I love magpie song but I'm also really fond of currawongs, despite their 'mean-ness'. I know that Sydneysiders hate them but here in Adelaide I miss hearing their amusing call. (Reminds me of Melbourne)

  2. I love the currawong's call too. My mum, before she recently went into care, had a magpie family that ate out of her hand at the front of the house and a currawong that would tap on the back window to be fed. I wonder what they are doing without her?

  3. Have you guys watched the Currawong song Video on my videos page linked in a tab up the top?