Sunday, 8 May 2011

Wednesday ... some birds!

I think by Wednesday I was starting to get more familiar with the focus ability and procedure of the camera.
We came home from the shops to a flock of silver eye in the maple and a couple of fan tails with them by the back door, I rushed in to get the camera happy to have finally the chance at some little birds. 
So I found that little birds don't like the sound of this camera and they moved to more sheltered spots which led me to the Eastern Spinebill. Despite the busy location the camera could still hone in on the moving subject.

   and captured the flight beautifully despite the terrible view I had and angle it was taken from I have highlighted it here in colour as the photo is so busy.
The bird has its beak in a flower and is hovering in flight feeding.

Silver eyes were captured with a soft texture not typically apparent in my other photos.
Nice to see them feeding in the camellia rather than a fruit tree for once :)

Using a much heavier camera, such as this, to photograph swift busy little critters would definitely take some practice.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Unfortunate about the shutter sound.