Sunday, 26 June 2011


Yesterday we had a big frost. I posted some pictures on my other blog.
As I walked around the frozen ponds checking if the fish were Ok and looking for the best angle, I looked down to see these amazing ice formations! I couldn't see them unless I stood directly over them, hence the reflection of me and my camera in these images.
These formations really make me catch my breath and think about how amazing mother nature is! I'm thankful she showed me something so beautiful and intricate on a cold and frosty morning!


  1. Wow Tammy they are awesome formations

  2. Add my 'Wow' to the chorus. Amazing.

  3. Really amazing! Those formations are just so beautiful. Feels somehow like we're getting the same view as the fish :D)
    Am off to check out your other blog now :D)

  4. WOW!!!
    Mother Nature is certainly amazing :)

  5. just divine, worth the frozen toes!