Monday, 13 June 2011

Olives for Kings

The first King parrots to visit us for a short stay. There was a group of three with one quite clearly a male who departed shortly after I arrived. The male is bright red right up his chest and into a hood. I got a few good pics of the other two. One appears to perhaps be immature.


  1. Love the King Parrots - they're such friendly birds aren't they.
    Your photos are really clear and I especially enjoy the middle one - with her sitting amongst all the bare branches chewing away! Great :D)

  2. I live on the banks of The King Parrot Creek. I adore these birds and you got some good shots. The females aren't red...more green and they have some dusty pink on their chest. I got some great photos last year that show the differences...they are worth looking at.