Monday, 27 June 2011

Yellow Rumped Thornbill

Last week this little guy visited and enchanted me with its beautiful song.
Its a Yellow Rumped Thornbill who was fossicking around for some lunch ; )


  1. that little one is sooo cute...I love watching wildlife in my garden...truly a treat when someone visits.

  2. I am loving your bird photos. We have a flock/flocks of little birds...too fast for me to photograph with my camera. I have seen thornbills and silvereyes as well as a range of little honey eaters like the eastern spinebill, striated honey eater and some I don't know. And....I have never had a garden where there have been robins before...I am regularly spotting at least one pair and he is dressed to kill! I also saw some pardalotes the other day. Even though your garden is so much further South than mine, we seem to have the same feathered friends.