Saturday, 4 June 2011

Still a mystery

Here it is a few days ago


  1. hmm no idea's here and I just asked Mum .. she said blue bells straight away :)

  2. Sam I always thought Blue bells were small ( I could of course be wrong ) this is huge like about my knee height :)

  3. Hyacinthoides nonscripta - Bluebell

    Family: Liliaceae
    Habit: Bulb
    Height: 0.3
    Width: 0.2
    Synonyms: Endymion non-scriptus. Scilla non-scriptus.
    Range: Western Europe from the Netherlands and Britain o Belgium and France.
    Hyacinthoides nonscripta (Bluebell) is a Bulb which grows to a height of 0.3m and a width of 0.2m . It has a hardness rating of 5and is vunerable to frost.
    Bluebell will flower in November to December. the seeds ripen from January to February
    The flowers from this plant are hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and they are pollinated by Flies, beetles

  4. this is what I found ... not sure it sounds right with flowering times etc

  5. I know what they are we have them here I just have to find the latin name for them