Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Subtly Stunning

I noticed these interesting not quite flowers on a small tree recently.

Then I looked up to see what they become.


  1. Hi Tammy, these are such interesting flowers aren't they. Hakea Pincushion (not sure if you knew :D)
    We have a tree in our front yard. Bought it very cheaply as a tiny pot-bound neglected thing from a nursery.
    Being an Australian native and in such bad condition, I didn't expect a lot, but I pampered it for 6 months and it's paid us back many times with such a wonderful flowering show in winter.
    Lovely stages of flowers as you've discovered!

  2. Hi Tammy and Susan, Its a fabulous plant isn't it! Its botanical name is actually Hakea petiolaris, commonly known as the 'Sea Urchin Hakea'. The 'Pin Cushion' Hakea that Susan ID'd it as is in fact very similar except for the leaf form, colour and the growth habit (if you want to get technical!). They are such tough plants and the birds love them! Hakea petiolaris isn't as common as Hakea laurina, but it should be as the grey leaves and paler flowers are very pretty.

  3. Thanks for the ID Phoebe... am going out to really check my Hakea now - our Australian Natives are such charmers aren't they :D)